Fuel hike

October 18, 2012 NEWS DAY


Perth motorists were hit with a 15 cent increase in petrol prices today, the highest they have seen in the last five months.

Shell Coles Express in many suburbs – including Willeton, West Perth, Bicton, Duncraig and Langford and Mosman Park – recorded the highest price at 155.9 cents a litre.

The average price for today’s fuel was 151.1 cents a litre and it is expected to stay the same tomorrow.

FuelWatch’s Kyle Huynh said Wednesdays were the cheapest days for drivers to fuel up.

“Petrol prices experience a fuel cycle where Thursdays and Fridays are the expensive days,” Mr Huynh said.

“However, today, if you need to fill up there are 40 sites below 140 cents a litre, so we do recommend that motorists shop around for the best prices and the FuelWatch website is the best place to start.”

Perth’s cheapest fuel is available from Caltex Woolworths and Coles Express stations in Canning Vale, Mount Lawley and Clarkson for 137.1 cents a litre.

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